Cantina Cà dei Conti – History

Our origins.

In Tregnago, Illasi Valley, inside CDO Valpolicella zone, the Rancan family live and tilling their land from several centuries. The youngest generation, brothers Renzo and Loredana, want to continue the family tradition and in this will than born, in 2007, the CA’DEI CONTI wine farm. In 2009, with oenologist Fabio and expert vinedresser Eugenio to complete the team, the adventure start. A lot of job has been made in grapes farming to ensure the best quality; one aspect is the regain of old varieties as Croatina and Oseleta and the reduction of treatment on grapes.
The production of 2009 and 2010 speak than this is the right way, it’s an hard challenge, but with an infinite charm.

Our Vision

Quality, not quantity.

Our goal is to produce a soft and pleasing wine, in other words a glidly wine to drink during a dinner or simply a wine to share with friends. A large land to work, lot of tenacity but mostly the great passion are the main characters of the Cà dei Conti winery, so every innovation is always done in orther to improve the quality. 1/6th of the land is very dense of plants, exactly 9000 vines each hectare, this aspect plus a limited growth ensures a perfect maturation of 1,5 kg. Thanks to all these aspects it is possible to produce a very pleasant and lovely wine.


The Valpolicella areas.

The Valpolicella area, where the homonymous wine is produced, is a territory located at the foot of the Verona’s montains, and includes Fumane, Marano, Negrar valleys, Valpantena, Squaranto Valley, Illasy valley and Tramigna valley.
Our Vineyards are located on the top of the hills, this is a very good position because they can have a Southern exposure dry and breezy and thanks to these characteristics the grape is protected from mold and parasites, with less treatments.
The wines are characterized by an intense color, a good structure and an elegant softness.

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