Grapes from late harvest grown on the Vrona’s hills, in a calcareus and rich in structure soil, precisely in Tregnano 400 metres above the sea. The grapes are cultivated in the Rancan’s property, Cà Dei Conti, where the family with care and passion, restricts the production of each vine at 1,5 kg of grape.

Corvina 70%
Rondinella 15%
Croatina 10%
Oseleta 5%


Total acidity 7g/L
sugar 6g/L
pH 3,8
exstract 45g/L

Serving Temperature  18° – 20°

The Cà Dei Conti property, is placed at the foot of Precastio montain, in the Tregnano city, on 5 hectares of land. The vineyard is located on a 400 – 450 metres above the sea hill  and it is completely south-facing.
Marl-limestone morainal soil, rich in structure. Thanks to these characteristics the wine has a optimal structure and alcohol richness.

Planted in Guyot on benches, with dense planting system, it counts about 9000 plants/ hectare. Each vine produces only1kg of grape.


The harvest is done at the end of October with 5kg plateaux. People select manually the grapes in orther to have the best ripening. Drying between 50 and 60 days in fruttaio with optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation.

The pressing starts in November/December with the destemmer-crusher machine and maceration keeping the peel of the grape for 7/10 days at 8°C temperature, fermentation for 15 – 20 days at 20° – 23° C with a soft and continuous movement of the peels.
Separation and pressing of the peels.
The wine obtained is decanted and cleaned from the fermentation lees, put in french barrique whith its own peels to complete the alcohol and malolactic fermentation for 3 years and then aged in bottle for 1 year.

A great structur, rich and elegant wine. Rubi – violet red wine with a warm and intense bouquet. To the nose they detach perfume of cherry, strawberry, nuts, vanilla, cocoa and spicy notes.

Grilled red meat, roat – beef, beef tagliata, roasts with tasty sauce, and venison. Hard and aged cheese, a little spicy. Excellent as a wine of meditation at the end of a meal.