Passito Bianco – IGP

The grapes are cultivated in the Rancan’s property, Cà Dei Conti. At the foot of Precastio montain, in Tregnano 400 – 450  metres above the sea, completely south-facing. In a  Marl-limestone morainal soil, rich in structure.

Garganega 100%


total acidity 7,5g/L
sugar 130g/L,
pH 3,2

serving temperature 12° – 14°

The Cà Dei Conti property, is placed at the foot of Precastio montain, in the Tregnano city, on 1 hectare of land.
The vineyard is located on a 400 – 450 metres above the sea hill and it is completely south-facing.
Marl-limestone morainal soil, rich in structure.

Planted in Guyot on small natural terraces. It is an old vineyard composed of vines aged between 30 and 50 years. Each vine prodeces 1,5kg of grape.

The harvest is done at the end of October and the beginning of November with 5kg plateaux. People select manually the grapes in orther to have the best ripening. 90 days of drying in fruttaio with optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation.

At the beginning the pressing with the destemmer-crusher machine and maceration keeping the peel of the grape for 12 hours at 8°C temperature.
Separation of the peels from the grape and soft pressing with pneumatic press.
Decanting of the must at 8°C temperature, the clear part ferments with a controlled temperature of 14°C for 20 days.
The fermentation stops when the wine has about 130-140 g/L of residual sugar. The wine is cleaned from the fermentation residue and transferred in french barriques for 2 years and aged in bottle for 6 months. 

Golden yellow tending to amber. On the nose Floreal notes, expecially lavander, banana, chamomile, nuts and almond.
It tastes of fruit. Nice flavor thanks to the balance between sugar and acid parts, that makes it unique.

Verona Traditional desserts such as short pastry, focaccia and Pandoro, but also with galani, frittelle, cream desserts, and dry pastries. Also good with blue, salt or spicy cheese. Its sweetness is a tool of a perfect contrast.