Villa De Winckels

Hotel Ristorante
Tregnago VR


Villa de Winckels is placed in the Val d’Illasi hills, that is the Valpolicella and Amarone area. It is about 25km far from Verona (Romeo and Juliet), and about 14km from Terme di Giunone, and moreover around Villa de Winckels there are many wineries with the best wines of the area.
It is possible, for the outdoor sports lovers to explor all the valley’s trails.


The Villa De Winckels Hotel in Tregnano (VR), is the best place for people who love outdoor sport or having relax amoung Val d’Illasi hills. This place is famous also to be a wine area, the Amarone and Valpolicella land.
The Villa De Winckels born in 1100 as a little monastery,in 1400 it was expanded by the austrian General De Winckels, and to this day it has been renovated to become an Hotel.
The Villa as a big garden and a private winery with a wide range of italian and foreign wines.


The Restaurant is characterized by interiors that represents the Val D’Illasi territory details, and it offers many culinary dishes very rich in flavor and odours typical of the area, it is possible to eat these typical food in abbination with a good wine.

The General Winery

The name “La Cantina Del Generale” was choosen in honor of General De Winckels, the last descendant of the family which lived in the Villa.
In the winery it is possible to eat typical products and having tasting of a wide range of italian and foreign wines.

Il Cason Degli Ulivi

Resort Casa Vacanze
Rivoli Veronese VR


Traditionally The structure hosted farmers of the adjoining vineyards, after their work.
Today the built has changed in a comfortable home: an oasis surrounded by green, where during the day it is possible to hear only the sound of silnce.

The Cason

The Cason is the beginning of a trip, an unforgettable experience that involves senses and it ends with soul enriching.
The Cason degli Ulivi offers many experinces such as: an outdoor walking, reading a book lying in the garden, swimming in the pool, having a sunbathe, working out in the gym, playing with babies in the dedicated area, having a lunch in the fireplace zone. It is a good place for families thanks to the welcoming atmosphere, but also for couples that want quiet and privacy. It is a very good place for all the people who want to take a break from the daily routine.
The indor is charaterized by a particular details care and by a welcoming style: the past and the modern are perfectly mixed, this armony is the connection of each apartment.
Every apartment becomes a special shelter where loose and find yourselfe.

Corte Galo

Bed & Breakfast
Tregnago VR


Corte Galo is located at 2km from Tregnano. The structure offers 3 comfortable and independent bedrooms whit their own bathroom. There is a common room where it is possible to have breakfast, or use the kitchen for other meals. The structure is a good choice for families thanks to the large spaces where children can play toghether with all the necessary to make them feeling at their own home.

Nadia e Gabriele

The idea to create a B&B in Verona, borned from Nadia and Gabriele’s desire to welcome people and make them be fine, sharing with them the nature and the armony of this place.
Gabriele and Nadia care about the environmet and because of this they decided to build their B&B with recyclable technologies, such as solar power and geothermal power systems.
The main characteristics of this place are the love for nature, conviviality and simplicity.

Not only the land of wine

Val d’Illasi is characterised by the food and wine variety and it is the land of the Valpolicella wine, it borders with the land of the Soave wine.
The B&B is very closed to many famous winery where it is possible to do wine tastings, and in the restaurant it is possble to eat typical food and drink in abbination excellent wines.
The oil is another strong point, produced in many oil mills of the zone, but also the local artisanl beer is not less, to drink in the bars listenig some good live music.
In Tregnano, during the year there are many events such as: cherry fetival, S. Martino old fair, medieval festival, white night, fire festival, old fair of bogoni (snails), tromboni festival, chestnut festival and many more events of the tradition.

Villa Vinco

Tregnago VR

The Villa

Villa Vinco, a villa from the 1700s renovated and transformed into a residence with elegant apartments.
The “Villa Vinco” Residence is an elegant and new structure located in Tregnago (VR) Italy. Its style is derived from the renovation of an 18th century villa, inserted by the Veneto Region as “Residences Verona” in the 2nd category.
For those who want to stay in Verona, in the city of lovers, where art and culture of the past mix together, you can stay and sleep in Villa Vinco in the quiet of Tregnago and visit Verona and its monuments, which is 20 kilometers away.

A sweet experience between the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni and the walled cities

Lusiana, Lusaan in our ancient Cimbri language, is one of the ancient Seven Municipalities of the Venetian Pre-Alps, it is a terrace at 800 meters high overlooking the plain where the gaze can range from the Venice lagoon to the cities of Padua, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza and Verona. Welcome here is like the breeze that caresses the valley in the summer evening, envelops you and transports you to a completely new and timeless world. Barbara and Piero will be your kind guardians for the period of your holidays and will guide you to discover an ancient territory with a deep history.

Barbara and Pietro

The story of Barbara and Piero is a story of departures and returns, of adventures and nostalgia. It is a story that runs on the thread of a lifetime of travel between two lands that are apparently distant but also so close due to the Cimbrian-Germanic roots of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni. To begin with, it is a love story, which blossomed in his youth in Germany during university. Piero was then a young student full of resourcefulness who left Lusiana to study economics.
It is a story of companies and successes achieved by their company, founded in Düsseldorf, in the heart of the industry and fashion district. It is a story that promptly saw them leave and return to Lusiana to realize a little big dream: to give life back to that small Contrada surrounded by greenery where Piero was born.

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