Total Acidity 8 g/L
Sugar 7 g/L pH 3,2 Extract 32 g/L

Contiene Solfiti.
Contains sulfites.
Contient des sulfites.
Enthält Sulfite.

Service Temperature 12 – 14 °C

Guyot system on small natural terraces. Old plant with vines aged between 30 and 50
years. Production of 1.5 kg. of grapes per plant.

The harvest takes place between the beginning and the middle of October on 5 kg trays. A manual selection of the grapes is made, carrying out several passages in the vineyard to always have grapes at the peak of maturity. Drying for about 20 days in the loft in conditions of optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Pressing begins with destemmer-crusher and maceration with the skins for about 8 hours at a temperature of 8 ° C. Separation from the skins and light pressing with lung presses.
Decanting of the must at 8 ° of temperature, the clear part is fermented at a controlled temperature of 14 ° C for about 15 days. The wine is decanted clean from the coarse fermentation lees and placed in steel tanks on its own fine lees for about a year.

Wine of great structure, with a deep straw yellow color, intense fresh bouquet, typical aromas of rose, golden apple, banana, almond nuts stand out on the nose, pleasant flavor with an excellent balance between acid and sugar.